Recruiter Program

This Course material covers everything about our Recruiter Program.  This course is completely free and is meant for anyone and everyone who is interested in our Recruiter Position. As we grow and add more positions and growth opportunities, we will add more information to this course for our Recruiters.  

Medical Billing and Coding Professional Development Program

Our Medical Billing and Coding Professional Development Program is completely self-paced, so it can be done around YOUR schedule. It is designed to ensure your complete understanding of the field so that you can not only pass tests but complete medical claims for our clients. Traditional courses run in the thousands of dollars, and often take a year or more to complete, plus they do not guarantee you work after completion. That is what sets us apart, here at BlackThumb. We have work waiting for you to finish your program so that you can jump right in.* All of our positions are entry-level positions, so you do not need a… Read More