What features do I REALLY need?

What features do I REALLY need, Brandi? I just want a website to sell my coaching program and courses! It all seems SOOOOO hard!!!!!

That will actually depend on you, your business, and which phase of business you’re currently in. It’s hard to answer without knowing what is going on.

These are the most basic of needs. This list is super simple and only takes a couple of hours to knock out.  The “hardest” part is being picky about the colors and photos on your front page. 🙂

A basic website consists of:

  • A home page
  • A list of your products and/or services
  • About me page
  • Mission statement
  • Contact us page
  • Accounting system to keep track of your business finances (and not paying for Quickbooks, etc)
  • Standard policies:
      • Privacy policy
      • Cookie policy
      • Returns and refunds policy (required by several payment processors)
      • Disclaimer (not providing medical advice, no guarantees, etc)
      • Terms and Conditions

Depending on your business, you MAY be ready for:

  • Online booking system for your clients to book free or paid appts with you
  • A marketing suite with landing pages, calls to action, emails, lead management system, automations
  • Client/contact relationship manager
  • Copyright protection
  • Memberships
  • Subscriptions
  • Payment plans
  • Live chat
  • E-commerce store for physical and digital products & services
  • Affiliate system to encourage your customers to promote your products and services
  • Online course system
  • Legally binding e-signatures for your contracts
  • Social media auto-posting/scheduling
  • SEO
  • And so much more

For most people, you just want the thing to work, without any tech craziness. You just want the pieces you need so you can launch and live your purpose!! We’re going to show it to you in stages so you don’t have to do anything you’re not yet ready for!

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Entrepreneur's Intro to Websites
Module 1 Introduction-
Lesson 1 Intro  - Preview
Lesson 2 Do I need a website?  - Preview
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Lesson 4 What features do I REALLY need?  - Preview
Lesson 5 Won't this be too hard?  - Preview
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Lesson 6 Clickfunnels and others
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Module 3 Get Started INSTALLING!+
Lesson 1 Intro to Installing
Lesson 2 Servers - the "hardest" part
Lesson 3 One-Step WordPress
Lesson 4 Basic Settings
Lesson 5 Oh gosh, I need help!
Lesson 6 Exit Overview for Installing
Module 4 Adding Features+
Lesson 1 Intro to Adding Features
Lesson 2 What are plugins anyway?
Lesson 3 WebBrixx Plugins
Lesson 4 Alternative Plugins
Lesson 5 Exit Overview for Adding Features
Lesson 6 Help Me With Picking These Plugins!
Module 5 Plugins+
Lesson 1 Intro to The Dreaded Plugins
Lesson 2 Purchasing Plugins
Lesson 3 Installing Plugins
Lesson 4 Configuring Plugins
Lesson 5 Help! I Can't Do These Plugin Things!
Lesson 6 Exit Overview of Plugins
Module 6 Basic Maintenance+
Lesson 1 Intro to Basic Maintenance
Lesson 2 Back It Up!
Lesson 3 Updating Plugins
Lesson 4 Plugin Problems
Lesson 5 Tech Support
Lesson 6 I don't want to do maintenance!
Lesson 7 Exit Overview of Basic Maintenance
Module 7 Putting on a Pretty Face+
Lesson 1 Intro to Putting on a "Pretty" Face
Lesson 2 Themes
Lesson 3 Elementor
Lesson 4 Just do it for me!
Lesson 5 Exit Overview of Putting on a "Pretty" Face
Module 8 Wrap-up+
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Lesson 2 Course Review
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