Won’t this be too hard?

Won’t this be too hard? I’m not good at tech stuff!

That’s exactly why you’re here! Our course is designed to “translate” all of the computer jargon (or “geek speak” as it’s called) into normal language that everyone can understand.  We do our best to provide analogies so that everyone can relate to the information, not just techie people.

We try to have at least a few people read over the material to make sure we’re making sense to them. Plus, we can blame them if we get it wrong. LOL!  So totally kidding, we love all of our dear friends who help us! 

The point being that we’ll do our very best to make sure that it’s NOT technical, and that we provide easy to follow step-by-step instructions so that you can be as self-reliant as possible. 

Realize, though, that a little bit of knowledge can be very dangerous! We will give advice and guidance to some common pitfalls, including setting up and using a non-administrator account for 99% of your work on the site once the system is built. That way you cannot damage your own system too badly.  🙂 If you are hosted with us, we have backups in place so that we can restore your system, but if you turn off those backups with your admin account, you may lose more data than you expected. That’s why we will be very clear about when to use the admin account and when to use your main account.

We’ve set up the Facebook group for discussions, questions, and other urgent situations. We also have a helpdesk system so that you can put in trouble tickets if you need more detailed assistance. For clients hosted with us, we provide a certain amount of help each month as part of the package.

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Entrepreneur's Intro to Websites
Module 1 Introduction-
Lesson 1 Intro  - Preview
Lesson 2 Do I need a website?  - Preview
Lesson 3 Yeah, but what does it cost?  - Preview
Lesson 4 What features do I REALLY need?  - Preview
Lesson 5 Won't this be too hard?  - Preview
Lesson 6 I don't have time!  - Preview
Lesson 7 BlackThumb Services
Lesson 8 Facebook Group for our Entrepreneurs Intro to Web course
Lesson 9 Live calls for Entrepreneurs Into to Websites
Lesson 10 Special Discount for course completion
Lesson 11 Exit Overview
Module 2 Reviewing Available Options+
Lesson 1 Intro to Reviewing Options
Lesson 2 Kajabi
Lesson 3 Thinkific
Lesson 4 Teachable
Lesson 5 Course Systems Comparison
Lesson 6 Clickfunnels and others
Lesson 7 WebBrixx
Lesson 8 Exit Overview of Reviewing Options
Module 3 Get Started INSTALLING!+
Lesson 1 Intro to Installing
Lesson 2 Servers - the "hardest" part
Lesson 3 One-Step WordPress
Lesson 4 Basic Settings
Lesson 5 Oh gosh, I need help!
Lesson 6 Exit Overview for Installing
Module 4 Adding Features+
Lesson 1 Intro to Adding Features
Lesson 2 What are plugins anyway?
Lesson 3 WebBrixx Plugins
Lesson 4 Alternative Plugins
Lesson 5 Exit Overview for Adding Features
Lesson 6 Help Me With Picking These Plugins!
Module 5 Plugins+
Lesson 1 Intro to The Dreaded Plugins
Lesson 2 Purchasing Plugins
Lesson 3 Installing Plugins
Lesson 4 Configuring Plugins
Lesson 5 Help! I Can't Do These Plugin Things!
Lesson 6 Exit Overview of Plugins
Module 6 Basic Maintenance+
Lesson 1 Intro to Basic Maintenance
Lesson 2 Back It Up!
Lesson 3 Updating Plugins
Lesson 4 Plugin Problems
Lesson 5 Tech Support
Lesson 6 I don't want to do maintenance!
Lesson 7 Exit Overview of Basic Maintenance
Module 7 Putting on a Pretty Face+
Lesson 1 Intro to Putting on a "Pretty" Face
Lesson 2 Themes
Lesson 3 Elementor
Lesson 4 Just do it for me!
Lesson 5 Exit Overview of Putting on a "Pretty" Face
Module 8 Wrap-up+
Lesson 1 Intro to Wrap-up
Lesson 2 Course Review
Lesson 3 Exit Overview to Wrap-up
Lesson 4 Test1
Lesson 5 Test2
Lesson 6 Test3