Yeah, but what does it cost?

What about expense, Brandi? I mean, I’m still new and not making a ton yet and I’m already hemorrhaging money!!!!

(I might say “so” a lot!!!!!  I’ve edited that out in the text. I’ll re-record it again another time. lol)

Not to worry!  We’ve got you covered!  Creating your own website is VERY affordable, even more affordable than those other services everyone keeps suggesting you get into!

Buying your domain name is only a few dollars, generally less than $10 per year.

Hosting options are extremely misleading…….sure you CAN pay $1-3 per month for the next 3 years…………but that website won’t DO anything for you.  You’ll end up having to spend a ton more money on outside options to add the features you need. (“Brandi, what “features” could I POSSIBLY need?”   Yeah, um, more than you realize! We’ll cover that in the next lesson!) The hosting you really need ranges from $20 (unmanaged, meaning without ‘tech support’ built in) to $50 (managed, includes tech support)……our costs are the same but we offer those services AND website help, not just server help, in our managed plan!  Which means even if you can’t figure out how to put this box there, make it that color, with this custom font………open a ticket and we can hop on and show you how. So, we help you with WORDPRESS, not just making sure everything stays running smoothly!  $50/month is like 1-2 trips to McDonald’s (depending on family size) so it’s VERY affordable!  Unlike Kajabi and Clickfunnels wanting hundreds of dollars per month while holding you hostage!

Little sidebar: 

There are 2 types of people in this world:  The Nerds/Techies and The Creatives. (here’s a secret………they’re both jealous of the other!)  I’m a super nerd, like “World of Warcraft & Dungeons and Dragons playing level nerd” and I’m SUPER jealous of those amazingly talented “Creatives.” I used to feel like I was “less than” because I just can’t “make things pretty” like all the girly-girls and I suck at “fashion” and the like. Then I realized that we all have our strengths and that those amazing “Creatives” NEED my tech/nerdy help!  Let me explain how this is relevant!


Cost of a web DESIGNER – this is the person who makes your website “pretty”. The costs vary wildly, I’ve seen Designers charge $200 up to $10,000!  ……..But, wait, isn’t that one of your strengths? What if I just show YOU how to take your expertise and with a little dragging and dropping you make your own strengths and skills come to life???  I mean, you already kinda know what you want, why not just do it. You really only need someone to show you HOW. Just like using Canva makes it easy to take your idea and turn it into something gorgeous with hardly any effort, you just need someone to show you how to do the same thing with your amazing website so you can have a site that really captures what you want to share with the world! 

Fortunately, this part of the website is the LEAST important part! I mean that! My 21 year old son and my 10 year old daughter are WAY more creative than me and they’re amazing at whipping this stuff out…………after I build them a platform (or the little bugger sneaks onto Youtube again. UGH!). Really, though, anyone can post gorgeous content on social media and make it look pretty, but can that same person build a competitor system to Facebook or LinkedIn?  Not likely. (Not to put to fine a point on it, but has anyone noticed how BORING the Facebook and LinkedIn websites are? Like, both websites are ‘blue’ with a blue box and white letter(s) as a logo, and that’s basically it. One is a white “f” in a blue box and the other is a white “in” in a blue box. Like, seriously, these people are like me and SUCK at the creative stuff. Two amazing companies with lower case letters in blue boxes, who depend on YOU to make all of the amazing content! Just so you know, these are my soul-people! Lol!!!!) 

Oh, and I’m not a “Creative” which is why my website is pretty basic and not all flashy and fancy……….or pink. Oh my gosh, I hate pink! Lol! Just don’t take my lack of design and aesthetic to mean that I’m not crazy talented in the important area…….BUILDING the website.

Cost of a web DEVELOPER – this is the person who builds the system. This person MUST be super technical and nerdy, not just the guy down the street or your friend or family member!  Oh, and if you get a “Creative” to do this for you, you’ll end up with some major gaps and tech issues. This is the NUMBER ONE reason why people (especially those talented “Creatives” that we all admire) say that it’s “too hard” and suggest you spend hundreds of dollars each month to be trapped into a bad partial-solution!  You need an uber-nerd to help translate all of the “geek” into “English” and guide you, even if you don’t need them for everything! Hence the need for this class!

Remember, if this is “home ownership” you want a certified construction crew building your house to spec and code……….not necessarily the girl down the street who’s an interior designer, running your plumbing and electricity. That’s why it’s CRITICAL to get tech help from a “Techie”……not from a “Creative.”   (and vice versa, don’t take ‘design’ help from a construction crew… probably won’t be happy. Lol lol lol!)

And before you say “I can’t afford that, I have to pay for ads!”  You actually DON’T have to pay for ads!!!  But, even if you decided that you had to, every store out there has to advertise in some way, most have to pay for ads, but most importantly…they have a LOCATION for their customers to buy from them. Walmart doesn’t sell on FB, neither does Microsoft, Playstation, or even Netflix and Hulu.  Where do they sell? In a PLACE, sometimes in a brick-and-mortar store, but ALL of them have WEBSITES to buy their products, DIRECT from them, without any markup (by a store), and often without sales tax.  🙂 

Plus, WordPress is SPECIFICALLY written to show up on Google super fast! It’s built in SEO, so you DON’T need an SEO expert, it’s the easiest thing in the world, and we’re going to show you how!  So, having your own hosted WordPress website is going to show up on Google a zillion times faster than those hosted service sites (ClickFunnels, Kajabi, etc) because those services need ads in order to show up on Google! They are NOT created specifically to show up on Google like WordPress is!

Plus, the entire point is that you pay ONE TIME for a website and it pays you back over the long term, for years to come!  If you insist, you can run ads later, in a few months when everyone else is struggling to make their Kajabi payment and you’re floating in extra dough from all of your savings!  lol!



  • Domain name:  $10/yr
  • Hosting: $50/month ($600/yr)
  • TOTAL: $610/yr


  • Designer: optional and prices vary wildly
  • Developer: CRITICAL and a one-time cost, depending on what features you need.

Compare to Kajabi and ClickFunnels at $300 PER MONTH ($3,600 per year) AND you don’t own your content!


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