This product is for people who have extensive experience in Medical Billing and Coding, but are not certified and/or have not attended a course recently.

Our Medical Billing and Coding Certification - Test Out Program is a test covering several aspects of the field. It is designed to measure your knowledge in the field so that you can complete medical claims for our clients.

The need for medical coding specialists will grow 15% in the next few years.  These certified specialists earn an average of $39,180-$57,680 per year.  These specialists are vital to the medical field and there is always more need than certified specialists.  Healthcare is one of the few “recession-proof” career fields, so you will be able to continue working for many years to come in your new career.

There is upward mobility in that you can continue to progress and increase your certifications.  For example, Certified Professional Coding Instructors (CPC-I) earn an average of $76,021 per year.

There are 2 phases to the BlackThumb Medical Billing and Coding Certification - Test Out Program


Online exam


Depending on the score achieved, you can either begin your internship/apprenticeship or be referred to our Refresher or Full course.


*The internship can be terminated for any reason.  You are never locked in to our program!

Module 1 Test Out
Lesson 1 Test out