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We are being called crazy!  INSANE, even!

I’ve heard it at least a million times this year alone!  You have a message you want to share with the world, and you’re struggling with the technical part, so your message wilts!  You feel so distraught and dejected that because you’re “bad a tech stuff” your business will fail.

You JUST want a beautiful, easy-to-use website that

  1. let’s your followers opt-in to your mailing list or get a free download
  2. Receive some automated emails.
  3. Where you can send as many emails as you want to them without leaving your website.
  4. With the ability for your potential customers to book appointments with you
  5. Or purchase your online courses
  6. Or participate in your membership/subscription program.
  7. Where you can track your leads through the process all the way through becoming a paying client.
  8. Maybe even let them have payment options, hopefully with a contract with a legally binding e-signature
  9. all without leaving your site.
  10. And it would be AWESOME if you could have them view your meeting room on your website instead of these silly meeting links.
  11. Oh gosh there’s so much more you want, but you’re scared to even ask if it is even possible!

Is is really so hard to get EVERYTHING in one place?!?!?!?   *SOBBING!*  Why is this so hard????

In a word.  NO.  It’s not hard.  It’s actually pretty simple!  We know how to do it. We’ve been doing it for clients for over a year, after building it for 1.5 years!  But, that’s the point.  We did the hard work already, now you can benefit from it!

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If you’re here right now, you have probably said one of these things….maybe even today!

  • “I’m not a tech person”
  • “I don’t have a technical bone in my body!”
  • “Computers hate me”
  • “When I touch tech things, they break!”
  • “It’s too hard”
  • “I can barely use my phone or check email!”
  • “I can’t even share a Google Drive folder!”
  • “I can’t even remember my logins!”
  • “I’m too scared to try”
  • “I just want something easy!”
  • “I can’t figure out how to put a PayPal button on my page”
  • “I can barely use the internet at all”
  • “If it’s not social media, I can’t do it”
  • “I don’t know how to use technology with MY business”
  • “I’d much rather be creating than think about boring technical stuff like building a website. YUCK!”
  • “Tech changes too fast for me to keep up!”
  • “I don’t have time”
  • “Society decided that girls were bad at anything related to Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math; so I can’t learn it!”

Ok, seriously, I can’t take any more!  I have to say something! That’s crazy-talk, and deep down, you already know that. Not only are women just as capable, women often have a MUCH easier time because women don’t go into it thinking they already know everything; therefore, they are willing to listen and learn!  Ok, I’ll stop the rant for a minute.  YOU CAN DO THIS!  I swear to you on a stack of whatever deity you believe in provides!

I want to cry for all of you and tell you that these phrases, thoughts, and BELIEFS are only “mindset limitations”.  You are telling yourself that you are not smart enough, that you’re too lazy, or not in need of the knowledge.  But it’s a required part of business.  So, let’s make it easier for you right now in our Introductory course!

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But, maybe you’re past that part of the mindset piece and you’re ready to buckle down and finally DO it, like the DOER you are!  But, you’ve heard so many bad things (i.e. MORE limiting beliefs) about building your own website, especially in WordPress, that you are debating on spending HUNDREDS of dollars every month just so you don’t have to worry about those things!  (YIKES!)

These are some things I’ve heard over the past few months in these coaching groups full of amazing, powerful, taking-the-world-by-storm women.  These are women who have overcome violence, trauma, near-death experiences, unfathomable loss, and so much more…these are WARRIOR WOMEN!  Yet, I see these phrases and I quietly scream in despair for them!

“I don’t even know what WordPress is” (Ok, sure, that’s a fair point, so here is the perfect course for you!)

“It’s not intuitive” (Well, it is, but it DOES help to have someone to guide you the first time around or anytime you want to get wild and expand! But, that’s what we’re here for!)

“I heard it can’t do everything” (um………it seriously CAN do it all……..in one place……..that you own! You will LOVE this!  You’ll be screaming from the rooftops to everyone around you for them to start saving money and centralize!)

“It’s expensive” (Wow.  Just wow.  Pro tip….99% of it is literally FREE! I’m not even kidding.  My mouth dropped to the floor when I heard this one! Even my husband said, “Wait, we aren’t paying for WP are we???  I thought you said it was free!?!?!?” No, honey, breathe, it’s still free. Lol! *men*)

“There’s no support / unreliable support” (Something sounds hinky with this one. All good ones have full support!  I have a theory but I’ll wait.)

“Nothing works together/integrates.” (Ok, that’s what I thought.  That tells me that one of the amazing “Creatives” vs a “Techie” picked out the plugins. And that’s ok, that’s why we’re here, to fix that.)

“It’s generic” (Sure, you have to use your creativity, but isn’t that literally what you do best???  Isn’t that your strength??? I know you can see the wonder of it in your mind’s eye!  I swear, you just looked up and nodded, didn’t you?)

“People don’t need that much website, they just need something easy” (wait………..so they don’t need the FREE thing so they should pay HUNDREDS of dollars instead of turning off a few settings in the free system?????  WHAT???!?!?!?!  That’s why I have to fix this!!!!)

“xxxxx company is all-in-one and has EVERYTHING you need!”  (What if I told you that much of what you actually want, isn’t even available with these “all-in-one” companies? *GASP* Yep, that’s right!  Think about it.  Even your very favorite coach, sends you to random links like zoom, acquity/Calendly, adobe sign/google sign/hellosign, etc.  I have only seen ONE coach do most of it, and even she has her evergreen webinars elsewhere and uses clickfunnels.  UGH!)

“I’ve done it before and it’s ‘too hard,’ so I feel like everyone should switch to this other one that I’m an affiliate for!”  (…………..face…………….  I know you know the face I mean, one eyebrow up, fully “Rock”ing it!)

I want to let you in on a secret.  We “Techies” are secretly SUPER jealous of you “Creatives”.  I always feel that I’m HORRIBLE at “creative stuff,” or as I call it “the pretty stuff.”  I couldn’t tell you the difference between periwinkle and cornflower but even I, a creative cave(wo)man, can look at something and think “hhhmmmmmm, yeah, that looks good” or “Oh my goodness, NO!”  (I say that A LOT with my daughter’s “eclectic” outfits. She insists on mixing clashing colors, stripes, polka dots, paisleys, etc  ACK!).  So, that tells me I’m not as “horrible” as I feel that I am, I just don’t enjoy it as much as others may, and it’s likely a limiting belief I’ll deal with at some point, but not today!  Today is all about helping YOU!

If you can create a Facebook post or write an email or document with a picture, you can create a website!  It’s that easy.  Drag and drop.

Whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re right!

So, let’s fix that belief RIGHT NOW!

You just need someone to help it make SENSE to you!  That’s all!  It’s not that you aren’t smart, because seriously, you’re freaking brilliant!   It’s just that it’s in a different language and you need a translator!  No biggie, that’s why we’re here!

The first step is admitting you don’t know how to do it, but that you’re not afraid to ask for help!

We have that help for you, starting now!  Register for our Introductory course so that you can begin growing your business!

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Let me explain something in the most non-technical way I can…………..even “tech people” aren’t “tech people!”  Do you want to know the very first thing we do every time someone asks us some random question?  I promise you.  We seriously…..we just Google it.  Every time.  Like, for realsies!

I mean, sure, I know a bajillion technical things and I’ve been programming computers since the early 80s.  But, NO ONE is asking me about THAT ancient tech stuff.  People are asking me about NEW tech stuff.  And I’ll be first one to confess………..I don’t know everything.  Yep, there I said it!  I’m just as “new” as you are.

The only difference is that I have a tiny tidbit of background to know how to translate the technical jargon and mumbo jumbo that I read online in that few minutes of Googling, into actionable steps.  Plus, I can “translate” it into normal English for others!  Lol.

You do NOT need to be a “tech guru” to do ANY of this stuff!  I used to build websites with actual CODE.  Like “not English”.  Now, I “cheat” just like everyone else.  I drag and drop, too!  I don’t have time for that coding nonsense, besides, it was fracking HARD sometimes to keep up with all of the new programming and scripting languages.  Nope, I do what you do.  And I AM a “tech expert”.  😊

We built the system already, we did the hard part for you.  Now, you can just use that knowledge and go from the part where you just fill it with your content and whatever you dream!  🙂

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It’s rated by experts around the world as the easiest, most beautiful, and most intuitive web platform!

Sites built in WordPress rank higher in search engine results because it’s already built to Google’s standards.  🙂

You completely own your data!

With WordPress, you, yes you, can easily and intuitively publish, curate and modify all of your great content to advance your SEO, establish thought leadership, and feed your social media strategies. Today, this user-centric approach remains (no coding skills or experience necessary).

It’s 100% responsive and mobile ready!

It’s 100% scalable from brand new small business to worldwide conglomerate!

Anyone can install, set up, and start using WordPress without a manual.

If you can dream it, it can be built on the WordPress CMS platform.

I get it, you’re a one (wo)man shop! Don’t worry!  We can help!

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