We are seeking 20 people to join our team in our next wave, which begins on 31 October 2019, to become Certified Medical Billing and Coding Specialists for a new client!

Join us today!

Medical Billing and Coding

Do you want to work from home but everything just looks “fishy” and suspect?

Maybe you have restricted hours or cannot work on the phones?

Do you just want to be productive again, but no one will offer you a position?

Have you thought about becoming a certified medical billing and coding specialist but it’s just too expensive at the $1000-$50,000 cost, it takes WAY too long to finish, AND all without any assistance in actually finding work???

The need for medical coding specialists will grow 15% in the next few years! These certified specialists earn an average of $39,180-$57,680 per year! These specialists are vital to the medical field and there is always more need than certified specialists! Healthcare is one of the few “recession-proof” career fields, so you will be able to continue working for many years to come in your new career!

Who we are

BlackThumb Solutions was founded by a disabled combat veteran who became severely and dangerously depressed after she found she could no longer work. The company was formed to allow others in her situation to work from home around their disabilities, as well as anyone else who wants to work from home.

We don’t consider ourselves “career counselors” but instead we feel that we are “Purpose Counselors” in that we help you find your purpose, your passion!

Here at BlackThumb, we are always striving to find new opportunities for our members and always seeking to help them find something that fits with their lives, whether it’s with BlackThumb or not.

Our Professional Development Program

Join BlackThumb Solutions, Inc! We are always in search of more Specialists of all levels, for our clients’ needs!

  • If you hold an ACTIVE full (non-apprentice or intern level) certification for both Medical Billing AND Coding, you can go into a production contract once your credentials have been processed and verified.
  • If you have completed a Medical Billing AND Coding Program elsewhere within the past 6 months, then you will be placed into a paid Internship/apprenticeship contract once your transcript and/or any credentials have been processed and verified.
  • We have created an opportunity to “test out” and receive our certificate of completion to be able to begin your internship without having to take a course. This is similar to a “CLEP” type test one would take to “test out” and receive credit for your knowledge. We only recommend this for those who have worked in the field for a significant amount of time.
  • Depending on your background, you may opt to take our discounted expedited Refresher Course. We will verify your background and/or credentials in order to qualify for this program. Financing is available.
  • If you are completely new to the Medical Billing and Coding field and would like to learn, we have built a full course and program to accommodate this need. Financing is available. Once you complete the course, you will be placed into the paid internship.

All of our Medical Billing and Coding Specialist programs and internships are completely self-paced, so they can be done around YOUR schedule.

All of our positions are entry-level positions, so you do not need a degree to become certified!

Our courses, if needed, are far more affordable than the other programs out there. We assist every step of the way throughout your course process and then you can begin completing claims right away! PLUS, we have everything in place to make sure you are earning as soon as you complete your selected track!

There is upward mobility in that you can continue to progress and increase your certifications! For example, Certified Professional Coding Instructors (CPC-I) earn an average of $76,021 per year!

We are always looking for people who want to rise within our company and we prefer to “promote from within” whenever possible.

Benefits of signing with BlackThumb:

    • All of our Specialists work from their own homes, so no commute is required!
    • You are able to help people!
    • You have full control over your new career!
    • There is NO requirement to be on the phones, no customers to talk to!
    • Do your claims around your own schedule! There are NO set hours! Work around family commitments, college classes, disabilities, and so much more!
    • PAID internship/apprenticeship!
    • Never having to “call in” for illness or emergencies!
    • Never having to “request” vacation time!
    • A company that believes in offering positions that allow true freedom and self-reliance while earning a living!
    • Completely flexible terms.  The program and/or internship can be terminated at any time. You are never “locked in” to our company.
    • If you require one of our courses, they are very short training periods, completely at your own pace! Take as long as you need to get it done, or power through it and finish within just a couple of months!

What you receive from BlackThumb:

    • If you require a course, we provide all of your lessons, materials, coding materials, and exams to learn what you need to be able to earn your certification!
    • The guide to the certification exam in order to obtain your certification, which you can take anywhere in the country!
    • We provide the medical claim submission secure web-based software, which can run on almost any internet-capable device!
    • A brand-new career with plenty of available claims to be able to earn a real living!

We know that you are smart and capable. We know you just want to work again. We want to help you find a position that works for your life. We believe in you. Let us help you find your purpose.

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You must view the video before proceeding to the Intake Form