We have an outrageous idea. We are already being called crazyINSANE, even!

But, we are giving this information away COMPLETELY FREE!

We expect the “white coats” to come with the Paddy Wagon any time now!

We spent years creating and perfecting our system, but we feel so strongly that people need this system that I’d rather give you all of that information COMPLETELY FREE than watch so many more people go down the wrong path that ultimately will not serve their businesses!

We know how HARD all of this “tech” can be!  We know how OVERWHELMING it is to go through ALL of the available options out there!  We’ve DONE all of that.  We know how to help! The entire point is that your website should run your ENTIRE business FOR you!

The biggest problem that we’ve seen out there recently is that non-technical people keep advising other non-technical people, and the advice is meant with so much love and caring!  It’s just not the best solution!

To be fair, I’ve been a “tech person” for my entire life. I programmed computers starting as young as first grade…back in the 80s. I have watched first hand, as the world went from “no such thing as a home computer” to “Wargames” to “Epcot” so fast that Epcot has had to update it’s entire program to be more futuristic…MULTIPLE times!
I was literally in a warzone teaching people how to use the internet, how to use computers, how to write websites, etc.
In the military, I taught Colonels, Generals, and all levels of soldiers and military, how to use the internet for the first time and how to send messages through this mind-boggling new invention of online bulletin boards. Then teaching them to send emails through the “World Wide Web,” which is now just called the “internet.”  I was literally in a warzone teaching people how to use the internet, how to use computers, how to write websites, etc.  I have been creating websites since the early 90s, long before Google ever existed!  I’ve been teaching people “tech stuff” since I was a child, and now my own children are grown and continuing in my footsteps.
At one point, I made a TEN MILLION DOLLAR ($10,000,000) mistake, but it was such a minor amount that we didn’t find it for OVER A YEAR!
When I left the military, I left “tech support” behind and began my first company. Then another company, and another.  I cannot stand sitting still, so I love having more than one thing going on at a time. I needed to learn more about “business” so I started working in a call center at the ground level and within a year was one of the highest positions in that location and shortly thereafter was in charge of global enterprises, handling NUMEROUS near-shore and off-shore locations all at the same time. At one point, I made a TEN MILLION DOLLAR ($10,000,000) mistake, but it was such a minor amount that we didn’t find it for OVER A YEAR!  I only tell you that enormous embarrassment so that you can see what level of “business” I’m used to. I have helped small businesses and enormous divisions of global businesses all improve their bottom line, income, margins, productivity, and so much more! I have helped companies bring in extra millions of dollars with small changes to their business! When it comes to small businesses, “I’ve GOT this!”
When it comes to small businesses, “I’ve GOT this!
I’ve spent most of my adult life “coaching” without knowing that was what I was doing.  When several people close to me told me I was a “coach” I laughed at them and told them that they were being ridiculous.  I had no idea that there were different “flavors” of coaches, I thought they were all “life coaches” and that’s certainly NOT what I was doing, or even qualified to do!  I’ve merely always felt the call to help others. In that global corporation, I used to hear a phrase EVERY SINGLE DAY…and that phrase kept me going, kept me alive, and kept me coming back.  That phrase was some variation of, “Oh my gosh, Brandi, thank you so much / you are amazing / you just saved my job / I couldn’t have done it without you!” Throughout my career, I used to charge a “fee” for my services to some people, usually in the form of a case of Coca Cola and ice cream sandwiches! I’d receive gifts of all sorts, some I couldn’t accept since they were just “too much”.  I’ve come a LONG way from those days! In the spring of this year, we decided we were going to shut down a part of our company. It felt like it’d never amount to anything. It seemed more trouble than it was worth.  All sorts of reasons (i.e. excuses).  I had some negative experiences when I worked with what we NOW know was an “unaligned market,” and we had decided that “no one out there needs or wants my tech skills.” That was it!  I was “hanging it up!” I was giving in to defeat to move onto something else. But, then, for the past 2.5 months, I’ve had this uncontrollable pull.  I keep receiving divine inspiration to look at the tech stuff again.  That was insane, because I was being pulled back to the very part of my business we had already decided to shut down.  But, as I began learning about what “coaching” was, I learned that I’ve been a “Tech & Business coach” for close to 40 years. I was feeling more aligned with it by the minute! These divine inspirations kept showing me at least a dozen posts EVERY DAY asking tech questions, mostly about how to best run their companies online.  Every day, I’d see (and STILL see) the same questions about “which platform should I use,” “I found this product – is it a good one,” “I have no idea where to start, help me!”  Those are amazing questions!  And people that I feel are “better” than me kept giving the same advice.  And I’d cringe.  My heart would break every time.  These were coaches that I looked up to as “experts” but they keep giving advice that makes my heart sink!

That is when I realized that YES, they ARE experts….they are EXPERTS at what they’re good at, and I can STILL look up to them for advice in those areas…..and that I’m an expert at what I’M good at. That I don’t have to dim my light just because they have mastered certain pieces that I haven’t!  That we all should be working together to help each other!

That’s the entire point, that we’re all experts in some areas and students in others!!!

So, we are launching a FREE workshop to teach people just like you, how to create this amazing system that completely runs your entire business for you! A system that does NOT cost you a fee every month, and that has no ‘restrictions’ or ‘limitations!’

Even if we built it for you, this entire system comes at a fraction of the cost of online options that don’t do NEARLY as much as you need, even though they all say they do “everything”!

But, this workshop is 100% FREE!  NO strings attached!  We just want to help you!