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About BlackThumb

BlackThumb Solutions, Inc is a female service-connected disabled combat veteran owned and operated small business, micro-BPO & call center offering work-from-home contract positions with Fortune 500 and nationally recognized corporations. The positions are typically customer service, technical support, or inbound sales. Nearly all clients pay on an hourly or per minute basis.  Pay ranges vary but typically are between $8-$18/hr.  Some clients offer 24/7 shift availability.

BTS also offers several agency positions for those who do not wish to do call center servicing or need even more flexibility.

BlackThumb specializes in working with veterans, stay at home parents, and those with disabilities who need part-time work from home positions to make ends meet.

We started this company in the summer of 2016 with only 2 servicing family members. We’ve been so happy with the results that my husband and I decided to grow our business to offer positions to others who either need to or just want to work from home.  I am a disabled combat veteran who is unemployable for even part time work after my disability flared up. We understand the position many families experience. We are so happy to have built this company with my family, despite tremendous obstacles.  We are now expanding at a very fast pace.

Through BlackThumb, you’ll be able to complete contract work for various clients.  We want to help you be successful regardless the path you choose.

We provide 24/7 tech support, contract support, chat support, performance facilitation, direct deposit, support services, mentor program, agent portal, gym membership discounts, theme park discounts, tons of other discounts, loyalty programs, referral and recruiting programs, rewards programs, and so much more!

BTS is excited to have you join us. In order to move forward in the process, you will need to complete the intake form.

Please use the Careers area to get started.

Brandilyn Cox
BlackThumb Solutions, Inc.
[email protected]

About Me


I’m Brandi (with the tinted glasses). I am a disabled combat veteran and I struggle every single day.  I’m almost constantly in agony. About 6 months after I filed for disability, I became deadly depressed. I had gone from being the breadwinner, in a pretty amazing corporate analyst position to ‘disabled’ and no longer able to work. I felt as if I had lost all of my value. I could not see a way out.  It was going to take YEARS to sort out disability so that I could get some form of income while I healed.  (yeah, um, this is still going 3+ years later in mid-2019!)  I felt I was letting everyone down and that I was costing us more money than I was bringing in. While I STILL struggle with these feelings, I now have much better care from the VA.  I also now have a ‘purpose’ again. My goal each day is to help at least ONE person.  If I can help JUST ONE person, then it makes that day worth it; worth all of the pain, agony, and nausea.  Some days, many days, that one person might only be myself.  But, since we have created this company, which is almost entirely automated, we are able to help even more people than I can physically handle. We have a small team that helps me with the hands on portions, but primarily all of our agents handle everything themselves, everything from reading the offers, enrolling, and beginning to learn a new skill so they can start a position. We focus on people who just want to feel productive again!  I couldn’t do any of this without them!

BlackThumb “Fit”

As I mentioned, we created this company for people to feel productive again, no matter their personal situation. In order to meet that goal, it’s CRITICAL that we find the right people.  The first step in finding the right people, is YOU knowing more about US so that you can decide if WE are the right fit for YOU.  Yep, you’re ‘interviewing’ us, not the usual format that you’re used to!

BlackThumb is all about freedom and flexibility!  This sounds awesome, right?  And it is!

There are a few things to consider, though, before we get to the fun stuff!

  1. Due to our business model, BlackThumb can only work with people who are self-motivated and self-starters. Unfortunately, I am not physically able to handle dozens of calls asking questions that are answered on the web page or in the emails.  So, be really sure to read everything closely.  Repeatedly asking questions that are already answered is one of the ways that we’ll know we’re not a good fit for each other.  If I haven’t answered your question, feel free to ask through our online Helpdesk and put that ticket number into a Facebook Business Page Inbox message so that the team can get to it more quickly than I could answer a private email box.
  2. BlackThumb will not “babysit” you or “micromanage” you.  If you aren’t feeling well, your kids are sick, you have to run for groceries, or heck, you just want a day off….we won’t ask questions.  (We probably won’t even have any idea you’re “missing” until a couple of pay periods go by!)  That sounds great, until you remember that you aren’t earning if you aren’t completing any tasks.  Just be careful not to get carried away on vacation mode.  Most people don’t have an issue here, though.
  3. BlackThumb is primarily automated. 9 days out of 10, ‘the lights are on but no one is home’.  The web server just handles it all.  It works out great for most people. Just be aware that it could take extended timeframes to receive responses. At this time, there is not 24/7 availability, there might not even be Mon-Fri coverage for agent support!  Opening Helpdesk tickets and referencing that ticket number in a Facebook Business-Page Inbox message is the best and quickest way for a response. Calling repeatedly plus hitting live-chat plus texting, etc. is another sure-fire way to know we aren’t going to be a good fit.
  4. Speaking of, BlackThumb has a very different idea of the word ’emergency’.  After having lived through a LITERAL warzone, I have an unusual take on what constitutes an emergency.  I’ve literally had lives dependent upon me and my actions.  So, “emergency” for me, tends to mean, “Is someone LITERALLY going to DIE if this isn’t handled RIGHT FREAKING NOW?”  If the answer is yes, then please hang up and call 9-1-1!  If the answer is no, you can bet your bottom dollar that ‘we’ll answer your contact in the order in which it was received.’
  5. We are 100% contractors. Everyone here is self-employed. Most of our agents work way less than “part-time” for health or family reasons. This has state aid and/or tax implications for some families. Come tax time, we will advise our agents to contact a financial adviser, tax consultant, or other finance expert for all of your questions. BlackThumb does not have a financial adviser department for contractors…..YET. We cannot answer specific questions, only provide general guidance.
  6. We can be a bit ‘silly’ sometimes.  Life is so serious and downright HARD that sometimes laughter is the only way through.  So, we laugh through the pain, the agony, and nausea, and the stress.  We try to infuse a lighthearted nature into everything that we can.
  7. I honor integrity above all else. I expect you to be honest in your dealings with us and our clients. Inappropriate behavior, fraudulent behavior, or any other similar type of misconduct will be grounds for instant termination. No questions, no second chances. If you are outsourcing to have someone else do the work FOR you, you need to reach out to complete and sign the appropriate paperwork accordingly. Don’t try and ‘sneak’.  It’s not worth it, for you or us.  I will not risk my security clearance reinstate-ability for a contractor who wants to bend or break laws. I don’t have the energy to fight with you about it, so we send any and all evidence directly to the lawyers, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and/or collection agencies for them to deal with all of it. Just don’t do it.  This is normally never an issue but, apparently, it must be said.
  8. If I think of anything else I’ll add it here.  lol.  We’re surprisingly easy-going and laid-back. It’s actually pretty hard to mess up with us.  Most of our agents have been with us for 2 or more years.

And now for the fun stuff!

Complete flexibility!

Total freedom!

Work from home or anywhere in the world!

Feel that sense of purpose again!

Be productive again!

Spend time with your family and kids!

Stop missing out on those special moments with your children!

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