BlackThumb Solutions, Inc is a female service-connected disabled combat veteran owned and operated small business, micro-BPO & call center offering work-from-home contract positions with Fortune 500 and nationally recognized corporations. The positions are typically customer service, technical support, or inbound sales. Nearly all clients pay on an hourly or per minute basis.  Pay ranges vary but typically are between $8-$18/hr.  Some clients offer 24/7 shift availability.

BTS also offers several agency positions for those who do not wish to do call center servicing or need even more flexibility.

BlackThumb specializes in working with veterans, stay at home parents, and those with disabilities who need part-time work from home positions to make ends meet.

We started this company in the summer of 2016 with only 2 servicing family members. We’ve been so happy with the results that my husband and I decided to grow our business to offer positions to others who either need to or just want to work from home.  I am a disabled combat veteran who is unemployable for even part time work after my disability flared up. We understand the position many families experience. We are so happy to have built this company with my family, despite tremendous obstacles.  We are now expanding at a very fast pace.

Through BlackThumb, you’ll be able to complete contract work for various clients.  You’ll be a 1099 contractor.  BTS will mentor you through the process, including your contracts and questions. We want to help you be successful regardless the path you choose.

You would be your own boss, set your own hours (around your family and appointments), etc. It’s an amazing opportunity and my family has already benefited greatly from working as contractors this way.

You would need your own computer, at a minimum.  We recommend using what you already have, as long as it meets the minimum requirements.

As for the phone, for certain call center positions, we recommend adding it to your cable TV/internet bundle (if available), getting the “dial tone only” AT&T/landline, or as a last resort doing Vonage or BasicTalk, etc.

For agency positions, you may use any phone system you currently have in place, including cellular.

We provide 24/7 tech support, contract support, chat support, performance facilitation, direct deposit, support services, mentor program, agent portal, gym membership discounts, theme park discounts, tons of other discounts, loyalty programs, referral and recruiting programs, rewards programs, and so much more!

BTS is excited to have you join us. In order to move forward in the application process, you will need to complete the application.

Please use the provided link to get started.

Brandilyn Cox
BlackThumb Solutions, Inc.