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Client WebBrixx Checklist

Checklist for WebBrixx Clients to fill out for web system customization.

Full Legal Name(Required)
Tell us if you're using another system like Kajabi, Kartra, ClickFunnels, etc. or a simple page builder like Wix, Weebly, etc. or only on Social Media, etc.
Company Address (NOT your home address)(Required)
Provide the link to your company's facebook page.
Provide the link to your company's LinkdIn page.
Provide the link to your company's Twitter page.
Provide the link to your company's Instagram page.
Provide links to any other social media platforms you may want on your website. N/A if not applicable.
Provide your mission statement if you have one. N/A if not available at this time.
Provide information about your company that you would like to share on your website. N/A if not yet available.
Provide your title within the company (President, CEO, etc.).
For Example - pre-registration@, helpdesk@, yourname@, sales@, callcenterdivision@, etc
Are you happy with your company's profitability and current direction?(Required)
*Any consulting may be an additional charge.
Do you already have your logo, branding colors, images, etc. ready for your web site system?(Required)
**A graphics artist to build a branding kit may be an additional charge.
Are you wanting to accept payment plans from your customers?(Required)
Paypal API (& other payment gateways, if applicable), google sync for calendar, social media APIs, credit card for mailing system (free, but requires a card on file), and anything else you require. N/A if not applicable.

Questions for Arise IBO clients only, all other clients may skip the rest of the Checklist.

Provide company's starting month and year.
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