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WebBrixx White Paper



WebBrixx Business Management System – Hosted Service (WebBrixx©)

by BlackThumb Solutions, Inc.


We strive to help business owners centralize their entire business into one system, instead of paying for many different online solutions.

We offer a complete business management system.  It houses everything you’ve been wanting and many things you didn’t know you were missing!  It was built to fully replace options like Zoho One or the mix-and-match other options available.  Save ALL of that money and use it toward investing in your business in more productive and efficient ways!  We strive to help you succeed in all of your business endeavors!

We will consistently be searching for ways to improve your business management!  We want to hear about what you need to run your business BETTER!


Depending on which WebBrixx tier you have purchased, it will include most or all of these features!

Available Features:

  • Right away, we provide a signed Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreement, to guarantee your data will never be used, sold, distributed, etc. This lasts for 10 years or as long as you’re hosted with BTS…whichever is LONGER. We pride our integrity and our service to you above all else that we do!
  • A full and complete easily customizable website front-end with unlimited pages, posts, users, etc. This will allow you to fully optimize your own system for desktop, tablet, and mobile views. We can also work with several domains if you have more than 1 domain for your business operations. We include training videos inside your Dashboard to show you how to build your own front-end the way you want! (We can assist you in setting it up during the installation and customization phase, for an additional fee, if you provide all of your content prior to the final phase of the back-end customization.)
  • Unlimited email accounts for your business – so that you can have different email accounts for each department, division, maybe your assistant, etc. We can also work with several domains if you have more than 1 domain for your business operations.
  • We can import all of your information from all of the various resources you’re currently using so that you never lose any data during the migration.
  • We build your complete Enterprise Resource Planning system which integrates: business planning, marketing, finance, agent management, client management, document management, contact management, etc.
  • Contact (Lead) / Customer / Contractor / Client Relationship Management  (CRM) – track your customers through the entire recruiting process from expressing interest in your company to terminating with your company. Can also track your other revenue streams, if necessary. The system tracks the effectiveness of your various ads, pages, or anything else. Assign contractors to “statuses”, “departments” (client & programs), mark contractors active/inactive, store all of their information in their private centralized portal, keep important documents in their portal (application, resume, affidavit, color photo ID, w9, direct deposit form, latest contracts, nda, waiver, etc), add other contact information, add revenue details (per hour rate, etc), track their time away (if desired), generate invoices within the system that they can see from their side, post notices/announcements, post any policies or announcements. Keep all emails and contacts with your contractors together in one system, under their account!
  • Full automation – automate your entire process or just parts of it. It is entirely up to you. If you wish to upgrade your automation to incorporate more advanced aspects, we have a resource for those concepts.
  • Forms – applications, surveys, any other type of form you can think of
  • Financial bookkeeping system – Financial management system for simple cash flow/profit & loss statements with a chart of accounts customized for your business. If you have an accountant, they’ll be able to login and easily use the chart of accounts and ledger features to keep everything centralized and nothing duplicated. You won’t need to buy Quickbooks!
  • Live chat– replace Slack, FB messenger, texting, AIM, etc. and keep your agents in your own system so that all contact is tracked under their account.
  • Online storefront – for selling your items or services to contractors, clients, or other businesses!
  • Built in Captcha and anti-spam – to prevent spam submissions which bog down the system
  • Backups – automated backups stored onsite AND offsite to make sure you can always restore your information if anything happens to your system
  • Permalink Management – allows you to create readable links for each page for better search engine results
  • Position openings manager – list all positions for your company, Arise-related or not. Very easy to use position posting system. If you have non-Arise clients, they can post THEIR job openings in your postings board for your agents. (if you give them that access)
  • Integrate your own Affiliate membership – If you have affiliate IDs with other companies, including Amazon, you can add that information and you can earn income for your business when people make those purchases.
  • Email Campaigns – newsletters, auto-responders, automated emails, email templates, etc. all controlled within your portal.  Depending on email service desired, you may also be able to link to that outside system (zoho campaigns, mailchimp, etc) or use them from within your system to have multiple places (to exceed those “limits” imposed by most online companies).
  • An entire team of people in our web development division for redundancy and backup.

BlackThumb Solutions, Inc. is a small business owned by a female service-connected disabled decorated combat veteran.  We have always had a desire to serve others, first our country, and now serving those that need our help. We strive to always maintain an extremely high level of integrity, to ensure that Brandi can always remain eligible to renew her Top Secret/SCI Security Clearance from the US Government. With several decades of experience in both the government and the corporate call center industry, we have so much to share with other business owners! We firmly believe that helping others to succeed ensures our own success.



  • Scheduler/appointments system** – let your agents or customers or clients view your availability and book appointments in your open time periods. Set up meetings/sessions with email reminders to attendees so they don’t miss your class!
  • Affiliate integration** – Set up your affiliate system so that your agents can earn additional income by referring more business to you. The system automatically tracks when a referral makes a purchase and allots that affiliate payout to the affiliate to be reviewed and approved (or denied) before you pay all affiliates with PayPal mass pay.
  • Helpdesk/support ticketing system – your agents can put in trouble tickets for issues. If they are missing their SOW, received an incorrect invoice, etc. You can categorize them by which department needs to handle them.  Get all of your Partner Support tickets handled at one time, etc.  Update each ticket and set follow ups so you can come back to it later if waiting for something. Agent can view status and/or get status updates, however you set it.
  • Esignatures/Digital Signing** – contracts and paperwork handled right inside your system without going to another location for them to sign, see the docs, or download for either of you. These are fully legally binding, not just a simple electronic signature. (No more having to pay HelloSign, AccuSign, etc)  We incorporate the contracts you’re already using. If you wish to upgrade contracts, we’ll refer you to the only source we trust to keep you and your company legally safe.
  • Easily post to your Social Media accounts** – we build in sharing to the most common Social Media systems, especially LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Project management system – Keep track of everything you’re working on and the progress of each project
  • SEO solution** – Full SEO system to help you create the best content and verify that it will show up in search engines, so that you can be found more easily

WebBrixx Essentials Management system hosted service

  • Includes setup and initial customization of the back-end system

WebBrixx Premium and Ultimate Management system hosted services

  • Includes everything in the WebBrixx Essentials Management System plus the addons listed on the product page.

Hosting options:

  • Unmanaged hosting on your own provided server
    • BTS does not guarantee that another server will be adequate to run the WebBrixx system
    • BTS would ONLY do the initial installation of the platform and plugins, your company would be responsible for ALL customizations and setup
    • Your company would be responsible for all updates and patches, as well as ongoing maintenance
    • Your annual license renewal cost would be paid to all of the various businesses for all of their licensing, and not to BTS
    • Support tickets can be purchased from BTS for an additional charge if further tech support is required after the initial installation
  • Managed hosting on BTS Web Servers
    • Includes automatic tech support (updates, patches, mods, etc)
    • Includes up to 5 hours of IT support per month, including WebBrixx support
    • Your cost includes the license rental fee; Hosting fees and/or IT Support fees are an additional charge
    • Support tickets or Support Membership can be purchased from BTS for an additional charge if further tech support is required after the initial installation

Referral program:

  • Referral Bonus Credit for EACH business you refer who purchases at least the WebBrixx Essentials system (UNLIMITED referral bonuses, you can earn free hosting indefinitely with enough referrals)


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