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Why should I use BlackThumb instead of one of those online freelance companies?

That is a great question!

It really boils down to your preference. These small important tasks are critical to your business. If anyone can handle them, freelancers are a great resource. You’ll just need to keep on top of each freelancer individually to coordinate all of the tasks.

Depending on how many tasks you require, this could get a bit more overwhelming than just doing it yourself without outsourcing it at all. This is actually the number one complaint about outsourcing.

We, at BlackThumb, partner with your company and our measure of success is making sure your business is successful. We offer as much or as little as you need and we scale with you as your business grows. We aim to be your first call any time that you have a business question. We handle all of the management and coordination so that you don’t have to and all of your services are uniformly performed without anyone knowing that you have outsourced. We work to make sure our staff handles your tasks with the highest level of quality.

Whatever you need as far as staffing, we find it for you and assist you in implementing them into your team.  For example, if you need accounting help, you won’t have to worry about verifying their credentials or teaching them accounting, we source experienced staff and you only have to point them in the right direction and they just DO what you need done! The same goes for any tasks you need outsourced.

BlackThumb differs from other BPOs in that we specialize in helping disabled American military veterans, first responders, and others in similar situations, find ways to be productive in society again. They may not be able to work in a traditional setting, but with our BPO structure, they can provide services for your company.  This business model helps everyone in the business cycle by helping you get more done at less cost, helping the staff feel productive again, and helping us assist people in finding that renewed sense of purpose!

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