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Have you started a new company and are looking for a website?

Do you have a company that is outgrowing your current web presence and need something “more”?

Are you tired of paying a dozen (or more) different online companies for various parts you need to run your business?

A website will increase your exposure since 30% of customers will not consider doing business with a company that has no website. It’s your number one marketing asset!

Your customers are already searching for you online. A website allows you to control what they see. Otherwise, they’ll be left with reviews sites full of disgruntled people and other such bad social proof.  I was once left a bad review because someone didn’t understand why we chose our company name, for no other reason; but it still hurt my scores and online reputation until it was removed.

Over half of customers prefer to work with a company through their website, even if they initially contacted through social media. Social media is always updating algorithms which have a negative effect on your business if you aren’t prepared with a website for them.

90% of customers and 75% of Business to Business buyers say that website content significantly impacts their buying decision and 62% SOLELY make their decision based on the website content.

75% of customers make judgments on your credibility based completely on your company’s website.

With our system, you won’t need to have ANY coding or technical skills. We utilize a WordPress base system and we add the items you need.  You can showcase all of your products, credentials, services, and so much more!  We do all of the back-end technical stuff for you!

But, most of all, you can focus on what you do best!  We handle the rest!

Our WebBrixx service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Marketing tools with landing pages, calls to action, automation, emails/newsletters with TONS of templates to start with.
  • Online e-course system that allows you to create any content into a course!
  • Legally binding digital signatures for your contracts, payment plan agreements, or other documents needing legal signatures.
  • Full financial suite so you can avoid buying Quickbooks or similar products
  • Online store to showcase all of your products and services
  • Scheduler/Appointments system so your clients can book their own appointments based on your availability, that sync directly to your calendar. These appointments can be free or paid!
  • Video player so that you can house your videos in your own site for any videos you want to keep private (e-courses, membership videos, etc). This prevents people from giving out those unlisted YouTube links and getting your content for free!
  • Social Media auto-poster/scheduler allows you to schedule your social media content in advance. It can even randomly re-post older content or however you want to set it up!
  • Affiliate system so that your clients become your sales team, promoting sales and getting a percentage of the profits! Complete customization to your own preferences!
  • The system includes so much more that it’s overwhelming at first. The ones listed above are the big ones that everyone asks about.  If you want to see more, please view our technical “White Paper” with more details.


Don’t forget to add a hosting package, to guarantee the service works as expected!

DescriptionBusiness EssentialsBusiness PremiumBusiness Ultimate
Confidentiality Agreement
Marketing Tools
Landing Pages
Calls to Action
Lead Management
Email campaigns
Client/Contact Relationship Management (CRM)
Financial Bookkeeping system
Copyright protection
Visual Editor
Payment Plans
Live Chat with Phone app
Online store
Anti Spam tools
Job postings board
Internal training videos on how to use the system
Referral commissions (get paid when people buy WebBrixx)
Scheduler/appointments system
Affiliate system
Helpdesk/Support Ticket system
Online course system
Legally binding e-sign contracts
Social Media auto-posting/scheduling
Project Management System

Business Essentials Brixx, Business Premium Brixx, Business Ultimate Brixx


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